The VX800 FAQ: Introduction/Meta-info
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1.1 Introduction/Meta-info

This FAQ, or more correctly, this summary of net.wisdom related to many aspects of the VX, was originally compiled by Paul Fox. On January 1, 2000, the editorial baton was passed to Tom Balaban . The first person "I" may refer to either Paul or Tom unless someone else is being explicitly quoted .

This document is Copyright (C)1997-01, Paul G. Fox and Thomas R. Balaban, Jr. Reproduction in not-for-profit publications is permitted. Please send Tom a note if you're using this material -- and a courtesy copy of your publication would be nice. :-)

NOTE FROM TOM - As much as possible I've left this FAQ unchanged from Paul's original copy ... no need to fix what isn't broken. So forgive me if Paul's words are taken for my own. Most of them are not mine. If you see something you really like send Paul a note of thanks and if you find something that's wrong or needs changed, pass it on to me.

I've had my '90 VX for a couple of years now, and have spent some time learning about it using this FAQ. But I'm by no means an expert. If you see an error, an omission, an opportunity for clarification, or just plain bad grammar or spelling, please feel free to send me the changes you'd like to see. I've specifically pointed out some places in the text where my knowledge is weak, and I'm looking for input. Please help.

If you do send a change, I'd really appreciate it if, rather than telling me what should be changed, that you just go ahead and write the changes yourself, and send them to me. And, if there's a missing section that should be added, feel free to just write it and send it to me. Like Paul, I have no great emotional investment in any of this -- please help me make it better, even if that means rewriting it! :-)

Note on attributions -- I specifically want to give credit where due, so where I've quoted a list or news submission, I've named names. I have not given email addresses, to reduce spam opportunities. If you see your name in here and would like to have it removed, please let me know. A couple of people have sent me good information for inclusion that I've edited down slightly, or changed the tone a little, to make it less "first-person". They've all gotten attribution for other direct quotes elsewhere, but bear in mind I didn't write all of this text myself...

The HTML version of this FAQ is produced with the 1st Page 2000, running under Windows 98. Effective 1 January 2000, at the editor's discretion, there may no longer be a text version.

1.2 The Question

Since this thing is called a FAQ, well, I guess it needs a question, otherwise it wouldn't be a FAQ, now, would it? Here it is:

"I've heard of (or have) this bike called a Suzuki VX800. Is there anything anyone out there knows about it that might help me while I consider (or own) it?"

There. Now that we've asked the question, the rest of this document can be the answer.

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